The Patriot Ledger: Wednesday, April 17, 2002


Sleuth helps others satisfy need to know

Genealogist needs but a name, a date and a place to start

By: Joy Davis

MARSHFIELD – Al Phinney is an amateur genealogist, but not the sort who spends a great deal of time on dusty photographs and family trees that stretch back centuries.

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Family Reunion: Searching for Roots


By: Mary Stack

A quick flick through any issue of Yankee magazine reveals the national obsession with tracing one’s roots. There are endless lists of inquiries requesting details about this person or that. But you don’t have to claim ancestry on the Mayflower to be intrigued about where you came from and who you look like. It’s a very human need which we all have, according to Al Phinney, a Marshfield genealogist, who is only too familiar with the lengths to which people will go to investigate their origins.

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