Finding Maureen’s Mother

Maureen’s story was a little different than the stories I have heard in the past. She was young when her mother ( Irene ) passed away, out of state. She had been sick and sent to a special hospital that dealt with her medical condition.

So Maureen knew nothing of her mother or her mothers family. Growing up her father did not want to talk about family. On July 30, 2012 Maureen’s friend had come by my office on business and I happen to be working on a project.
That reminded him of her story. He told me the brief story as he knew it. The next day I was in Boston on another project, looked into Maureen’s story, found what I needed and on August 3th confirmed that her mother had been buried here in Massachusetts with her parents.
Irene’s father had died in 1941 and when his daughter died, she was buried in Malden, Massachusetts and noted on the same grave stone. The sad part is that her ( Maureen’s ) grandmother had lived until 1974. All are buried there. Maureen has since visited the graves in Malden. She found it hard to believe after all those years, her answer was waiting here in Massachusetts.