Research Rates

For Simple research projects the basic rates;

Death notice research in house cost $ 20.00 if found. (Boston Globe & Patriot Ledger source).  Time is money save yourself a trip to the library for that research project.

In house research basic $ 40.00 per hour. Based on the objective that you decide on.

On the road rates are $ 60.00 per hour, plus Travel ( Boston $ 18.00 ) and any cost for certified’s

Personal research projects are based on a free consultation if in person by appointment only.

Personal projects can be either by the hour or a flat fee, based on your individual story.

If by email or mail, a brief explanation of what you are trying to accomplish and what you have already covered. Then from what you can tell me, I should be able to tell you if it can be done.

Do we travel? Yes, based on the type of project and an understanding of, if it can be done.

In State travel at $ 60.00 per hour and .50 cents per mile, plus any other costs incurred. ( over night stay’s etc )

Out Of State travel at $ 75.00 per hour, plus travel costs incurred. All travel outside of Massachusetts would depend on whether or not I have a paper trail to follow before I would consider going. I would need to find my starting point before any attempt at travel.

New England to Florida or West Coast a flat $ 500.00 fee to go there plus expenses. I only do this type travel if I think the project can be done successfully. If I can find a paper trail based on your information I travel, if not I don’t travel.