Maryjane is her birth name and this was not a success story, as in some cases there are not happy endings. She did choose to search anyway.

When she came to me she told me she had heard the story of a search that I had done for her girlfriends family. She said she had thought about her search in the past but just didn’t want to go there.

She has changed her mind. What little information she had gave me a start on her search. I did find a paper trail that brought me from her birth in 1959 up to the current location of her birth mother. The address was one and the same.

Her birth mother had gone on in life, married and has two daughters, her first husband had passed away and she had remarried along the way.  When I was sure of my research findings I contacted MaryJane about the answers I had found. We talked awhile, then she said to me, I would like you to make he contact with my birth mother for me.

I asked her why me. She said, well you have been at this a few years and would know more about how to approach this better than me. Then she said I would rather you do this for me because I was turned away at birth, if I am going to be turned away a second time, I’d just as soon hear it from you than anyone else.

I did contact her birth mother and explained that I do genealogical research and Maryjane had come to me with a search. We talked for a half an hour and I basically walked her from 1959 , her home where she lived with her parents to that same home that day. Her parents had passed away along the way and she now lived in the same house she lived in 1959.

After listening to my story of her search, she said, I’m sorry but you are wrong, that person is not me. I explained that I would not be having this conversation if I were not 100 % on my work. She said, again I am sorry but you are wrong.

I said, well in case you change your mind, please take my name a number, maybe someday you will want to know more. That day has not come.  This is what I call a  wall.

Out of the few hundred adoption searches that I have completed, there are by far more happy endings than not.